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Honor Our Vets

We don’t say Thank You enough to our Veterans, active and non-active, and our first responders (police, fire fighters, EMTs and medical staff.) Today is a day to show our Veterans how much we appreciate their service.  Without all the men and women who spend time away from family and friends to protect our freedoms — we THANK YOU today and every day. Happy Veterans Day to all.

Get Through Airport Security Faster!

As veteran travelers, we know that making it through the security line is nothing less than a refined science, brought about through trial, error and the occasional streak of good luck. Consider the following tips and make it through airport security faster and easier the next time you fly.

Enroll in Programs

CLEAR, TSA Pre, and Global Entry programs allow you to use a separate line through security. With these programs, you become a “Trusted Traveler” because you have been pre-screened by Homeland Security.

Perform Your Own Pre-check

Make sure to have all the essential paper work in your hands. Put all loose change, metals, valuables, cell phone, etc. in your jacket pocket or bag before putting it through the X-ray machine.

Dress up to Dress Down

Belts, shoes, jewelry, watches, jackets, and hats are some of the pieces of clothing you will, or may need to remove before walking through the metal detector. Dress accordingly.

Pick the Right Time to Fly

According to Airport Security wait time trends, Fridays between 4pm and 8pm (local time), holidays, and three-day weekends are when security lines are the busiest. If you have flexibility, go with a smaller airport because they are less crowded.

Travel Tip — Surge Three Sixty Five

Money Saving Airfare Tips for Holiday Travel

For those of you planning to travel over the upcoming holidays, here are a few quick tips to help you save a little bit of cash when flying.

1. Book your flights prior to November 1st, as prices generally go up starting in November.

2. If you can fly early, usually the first flight out costs less than flights later throughout the day.

3. Generally, if you can leave on the actual holiday, the flights are cheaper than the days leading up to and after the holiday. Remember that Christmas is on Sunday this year, so flights the week prior are going to be higher. And of course, the typical Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend are huge travel days.

Who couldn’t use some extra cash for the holidays or save some money for the bills that come after the holidays.

Safe travels and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

So Close . . . .

We are so close to launching our new website. Hope you all enjoy visiting with us.

Congrats La Mirada Symphony


We are so pleased to be supporting the La Mirada Symphony as part of our “Give Back” program.  The La Mirada Symphony provides free concerts throughout the year as well as offering students to participate with the orchestra at the Youth Concerts.  The Symphony brings the world of music to all!

Having Fun

I’ve been working on our new website for a couple of days now. It is challenging, but fun to see it all come together.

Hello world!

Our new site is under construction.  Stay tuned — we know you will like the new look.